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Measuring Teamwork

Teamwork – The Key to a Productive Workforce

Although there is no data source that cites the millions of dollars lost each year due to dysfunctional teamwork, one does not need to dwell on the concept to realize a team or group of employees who do not function well produces a profit leak. This is observed throughout the year with professional sports where the poorer performing team ends up the loser of the contest, and it is no different in business.

To cut to the chase, the three critical factors to achieve cutting edge performance are

  • Effective risk management
  • Understanding Employee Attitudes
  • Inspiring Productive Employee Behaviors

Effective risk management helps control accidents and injuries.  A higher injury prone work area does not create good morale and in turn drags down productivity even if there are no actual injuries.  So if higher risks outweigh the efforts to manage those risks, then your employee performance potential is reduced.

The following photo illustrates a strong symptom of poor teamwork.  Note the crossbuck is not correctly installed.

Poor Teamwor Symptoms

Then we come to the other two cornerstones of high productivity: understanding attitudes and inspiring productive behaviors.  Ask most managers and they usually have little if any idea how to do this.  However the routine application of a simple questionnaire can measure how aligned the employee team is with the direction of the company.  Note the following examples of the survey report showing that the employees (left chart) are well out of alignment with their managers (right graph).

What Is Wrong With This Picture

The biggest challenge is incorporating these management concepts into the company’s culture.  If these efforts do not become a continuing process, then an effort to change direction might even produce less effective teamwork due to cynicism about the management’s real motives.

The employee survey is a simple process that can quickly determine whether your team is pulling together or there is some level of dysfunction.  The choice is yours – cutting edge productivity and high employee morale or profit leaks and higher injury risks.

Please call (208) 287-4467 or email claims@sosrail.com to get on the path of how easily it is to determine if you are achieving cutting edge productivity.

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