History of Rail Services Incorporated

Freight Services, Inc., Rail Services’ parent company, was incorporated on September first, 1986, in Eugene, Oregon. The company was formed with the vision of a platform to assist smaller shippers to take advantage of railroad deregulation.

Railroad Claims Services, Rail Freight Management & Logistics

E. William “Bill” Anderson, President

From the one client in 1986, the logistics services grew with computer-based, cutting edge, fleet management programs, along with support services that addressed improving railroad economics by designing efficient terminals and restructuring shipping patterns.  These, in turn, were used to negotiate lower shipping rates for clients.

In 1988, we formed a relationship with a large insurance carrier to support underwriting small railroads.  Initially, this was only for loss control inspections, but in 1990, the need for a stronger claims management brought Freight Services in to the claims investigation process.  Rail Services was formed in 1990 to separate the claims work from Freight Services’ other activities, such as the logistics.

Rail Services, Inc. is an independent consulting company, providing services in the areas of investigating and mitigating rail accidents and injuries and cargo logistics.

In 2000 FSI and RSI were bought by the current owner, Bill Anderson.  These companies have continued to increase their business through new relationships, primarily with railroad, trucking and agribusiness insurance carriers to investigate accidents and mitigate liability and property claims.

Business Development

RSI’s goal is to address all claims fairly in a timely manner.

Since 1991, RSI has continued to increase its business through new and existing relationships built on referrals primarily with railroad property and liability insurers, as well as trucking and agribusiness insurance carriers.  The latter insurance companies have exposure to railroad grade crossing accidents as well as accidents in large grain elevator and similar terminals where their clients conduct railcar loading and unloading operations.  RSI also works with attorneys who represent their insurance and other clients when a railroad related claim goes to litigation.

In 2005, RSI further expanded its offerings to include accident and incident management for commuter railroads.  This involves investigating and adjusting claims, and advising on settlement for “slip and fall” injuries and railroad grade crossing accidents.

Services Offered

Today, RSI continues to provide highly effective services including: regional and short line railroad safety inspections and training, railroad related claims investigation and adjusting services.  We work with short line, regional, commuter rail and class one railroads, and all major North American railroad liability insurance providers, as well as a majority of trucking and agribusiness insurance providers.

Our Pledge

Clients receive timely updates and comprehensive, easy to read reports, detailing our findings and recommendations.  Our extensive experience in multiple facets of the railroad industry, extending beyond just operations, allows our clients to save a substantial amount of time and resources.  Undoubtedly you will find the services of RSI a great value, as do our many clients in the railroad and insurance industries.  Our expertise and dedication to provide knowledgeable results is evidenced by our repeat clients who are key players in the insurance industry.  You will always receive the facts to obtain a fair settlement of your claim.


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